Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mother's Day : A Reminder to Visit Our Nonprofit Shops

-- It's that time of year again and a reminder to get out there and start seeing and doing all there is to DO in Cincinnati ! This means visiting our museums and parks and also doing some shopping while you are there.
Currently you can : VISIT FRANCE: See some of Monet's waterlilies at the CINCINNATI ART MUSEUM and also pick up CINCINNATI AND SOUP (  both books and prints !).
VISIT ITALY: See POMPEII ! the new and exciting touring exhibit and pick up a books for mom
in THE MUSEUM CENTER gift shop. SEE NATURE: The Hamilton County Parks are open year round for discovery and family fun for an inexpensive $10 yearly pass you are in for the entire spring summer and fall and be sure to check out NATURE'S NICHES which are a collection of great gift shops with all the CINCINNATI AND SOUP products in each of the Hamilton Co. Parks!
Be sure to drop by Farbach Werner  Nature Preserve May 5-6 for their Painted Pots weekend- a wonderful family event. Also we are in THE TAFT MUSEUM ( Gift shop has books only) and for Book 1- THE GREATER CINCINNATI POLICE HISTORICAL MUSEUM. There are a lot of other great gifts in these museums so make sure when you are visiting these exhibits DO check out the gift shops.
Photo: Farbach Werner Nature Preserve

Monday, April 23, 2012


Just wanted to let you know that we had our first paid "ad" in the Cincinnati Enquirer, April 22, 2012
to let everyone know WHO our major retailers are at this time. We want people to patronize the stores
not always shop online... also we DO have Cinti and Soup Book # 1 at The Greater Cincinnati Police Museum and in selected Katie's Hallmarks in the Dayton area both books  #1 and 2 they are not in all stores so if you want the books from those stores you do need to call before you head out the door.
We are looking at a very busy May with more events and food tips. Hope you are enjoying the extra "soup weather" we are having-- I made a pot of White Bean and Pasta Soup yesterday and it really hit the spot with the after church crowd. Photo: Edisto Gardens: Orangeburg S.C.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Cincinnati and Soup is now in the midst of our first "GIVE BACK" event! Over the spring we have been involved in donating our new art prints of our 2 covers re-invented to decorator prints by artist, Erin Beckloff to promote charitable giving.
So far we have had one event for BRIDGE RIDING FOR THE DISABLED: April 7, we will be having a second for LEAGUE FOR ANIMAL WELFARE on May 10 4-8 at the Little Red Gift Shop and a third. June 10 from 1-4 at Glenwood Gardens for the HAMILTON CO. PARKS FOUNDATION: Dog Park ( more later)
These are great events where we will raise awareness and for every $50. donation you will receive a gift FREE of the 2 matted Cincinnati prints. ( They retail in gift shops for $25.00 a set.)Also be watching for our first ad in the Cincinnati Enquirer on April 22 in the Local Section with our current retailers listed. In addition, you can still order books from:
I am currently working on our 3rd book- Cincinnati and Soup: Festivals and Frolics !
This has been an amazing spring so hope that you are cooking up a storm and enjoying the weather.
PHOTO: Pat and Steve from Bridge Riding for the Disabled

Tuesday, April 3, 2012