Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Well it was official on June 14, 2010 as CINCINNATI AND SOUP was finally
IN the Queen City and launched at Joseph Beth Booksellers at the Rookwood Pavillion.
I was there to Meet and Greet and give a talk about the book. There IS a lot to
talk about too- with all the recipes and nostalgia- about Cincinnati from the
1950's to now..
I was happy to include my wonderful graphic artist designer, Erin Beckloff
in this event. My photo with this blog is with Erin in front of the great
poster which Joseph Beth had made of the book cover.
Barb Hudson coordinated this fine event and Ben Vore the store manager.
If you haven't been to Joseph Beth - they have every local book to Cincinnati
you can imagine and more. In addition they have the Bronte Cafe- with
lots of good food. In honor of the day- they made up some of my Tortilla
Soup which Ed who had missed dinner earlier had wanted to try-- by 6 p.m.
it was totally sold out!! It was a great day and I hope to be back at
Joseph Beth sometime in the future.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

University of Cincinnati Graduation Salad

Yesterday, 6.11.10, I enjoyed meeting Lance Barry over on the Noon News on
WCPO-TV in Cincinnati ( Channel 9). I showed everyone the easy way to make those
great little hamburgers known locally as "Cincinnati Sliders" for their "Happy College
Graduation Party".. after all this weekend, U.C. graduates and Ohio State graduates
another happy class of grads. I wanted to share this creative ( and really easy) salad
which is NOT in my book with you all. You can customize it to the event.
I did the UC letters in tomatoes with pitted black olives and garnished with
fresh basil. All you need to add with it is your salad dressing- you can use
the Pogue's French Dressing from the book, oil and vinegar or an italian
I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati as is my husband Ed-
GO BEARCATS !! We both have "marched" and enjoyed this wonderful college
graduation day. Sending along my BEST to all our new college grads
and a salad to celebrate !

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hotel Sinton Spring Pea Salad

.. Well folks I am going to chat about that "controversial" topic of
mayonnaise-- or-- how much is too much mayo ? This has been an ongoing topic at
some of my book signings. Let's remember that our old friend "mayo" started out
in many midwestern homes as a "salad dressing". Plopped atop lettuce alone
and served up for dinner as that. The Hotel Sinton recipe features fun things like
peas, green onions, celery and eggs and like original 1000 Island Salad dressing is
mostly a flavored mayonnaise served on chopped lettuce.
Here is a serving suggestion photo I took the other day when I whipped up some
Hotel Sinton Spring Pea Salad at home. I did "moderate " the mayo with only
4 servings needed. WITH the extra mayo- you have "salad dressing" for
a much bigger group- 8 or more depending on the size of the chopped lettuce
salads you are making at the time.
These fresh spring flavors really perk up your dinners this time of
year! Enjoy !