Friday, June 4, 2010

Hotel Sinton Spring Pea Salad

.. Well folks I am going to chat about that "controversial" topic of
mayonnaise-- or-- how much is too much mayo ? This has been an ongoing topic at
some of my book signings. Let's remember that our old friend "mayo" started out
in many midwestern homes as a "salad dressing". Plopped atop lettuce alone
and served up for dinner as that. The Hotel Sinton recipe features fun things like
peas, green onions, celery and eggs and like original 1000 Island Salad dressing is
mostly a flavored mayonnaise served on chopped lettuce.
Here is a serving suggestion photo I took the other day when I whipped up some
Hotel Sinton Spring Pea Salad at home. I did "moderate " the mayo with only
4 servings needed. WITH the extra mayo- you have "salad dressing" for
a much bigger group- 8 or more depending on the size of the chopped lettuce
salads you are making at the time.
These fresh spring flavors really perk up your dinners this time of
year! Enjoy !