Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2: Hamilton County Parks:Farbach Werner Nature Preserve

Wow- busy weekend. In the big storms and pouring rain- Ed and I made the trek out to
the beautiful Farbach Werner Nature Preserve , one mile south of the Northgate Mall.
This small gem of a park was having their "Painted Pots" weekend which meant lots of families and kids in the park for crafts and plants and fun... and a youth art
exhibit. It was pouring rain but lucky for us this park has a lovely renovated
old barn and everything happened inside ! I got to make some new friends of all
ages.. and I got to meet some "fans" of the cookbook who dropped in to pick up a
few at this event. The Hamilton Co. Park District has many gift shops now days and
they are a real support for the Parks . They are called "Nature's Niche"s and are
all over the county. Ed and I spend a lot of time hiking the Sharon Woods Lake
trails and so it was a no-brainer to come out for this event for some "payback"
on all the facilities we and many other families use at the parks. This is such
a great park system in so many ways and the yearly permits are a very low cost for the
many weeks of fun you can have there.
I wanted to yell a "howdy" to Mary Lou Berning, a Greater Cincinnati Police Historical
Museum Volunteer who dropped in and of course to Irene Light who is the real
"Guiding Light" behind the Nature's Niches around town.
.. Oh and forgot to mention-- I did have my name on the "marquee" of sorts..
check out the photo.. it isn't Broadway--but CINCINNATI AND SOUP certainly
is getting around town.