Friday, October 8, 2010

Cincinnati and Soup: Big hit at Books by the Banks

It certainly was a busy Sat.- Oct. 1 at Books by the Banks ! I enjoyed being part of a panel discussion hosted by Michael Houck and got to make many new friends and fans of Cincinnati cooking ! It was a great event and I hope if you missed it this year you
will put it on your calendar for next year- it is an ongoing event for new books
and one not to be missed.Definitely , the visitors to Books by the Banks had a ton of fun attending various events held throughout the day.
Erin Beckloff, my graphic artist, tagged along to make new design friends as well.
The photo is of me and a large stack of books which went home to many Cincinnati kitchens over the course of the day.. this photo was taken at the beginning of the day-- I was pretty ragged by the day's end-- and with a lot fewer books so we avoided another "after" snapshot".