Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have been spending the past couple of weeks "barnstorming" for the book's launch around the broadcasting community AND lately for Books by the Banks which I totally believe IN. I think we need more books to be read-- sounds like the college educator in me--- hmm and more soup.. I think I can run for office on the SOUPER PARTY ticket ??? Never mind. Not my thing.
I have promised you FREE recipes from time to time- so get ready to jump over to Dayton's FOX 45 , Oct 17, SECOND HELPING - Cinti Soup. This is at the FOX IN THE MORNING area.. and online you can get the recipe for POPCORN SOUP= Corn chowder with popcorn croutons. Really easy for busy people.. and fun for kids !! I DO have a disclaimer on the recipe - DO NOT make this for Thanksgiving or your kids will want it EVERY year thereafter ! My daughter is now out of college and STILL asks if we are going to have it this year. Also this recipe is from my friend Catherine who lives out in the Morrow, Ohio area and got this recipe from her Aunt Blanche. They make it with fresh corn out in Morrow, but due to the fact that "corn season" is over I make it with canned corn. I want to share with you this photo with Dan Carroll- the new FOX 45 in the Morning anchor . He was so much fun to do the segment with !!Just love positive people !