Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dip 101 and 7 Hills BB Q on FOX 45

Just in case you missed the Shillito Tearoom's 7 Hills BB Q last week- you will want to check out the link at FOX 45 for this and 3 - got it- 3 EAST Dips for upcoming holiday parties.
Also this week is the Dorothy Lane Market Booksigning Tour :
Oakwood Dec. 14 2-5
Wash. Sq Dec 15 1-4
Springboro Dec 16 2-5
This is a good time to get those gift books autographed and it IS the only place in Dayton we will
be having an booksigning before Christmas ! The video for today is at FOX 45/ Dayton WRGT as is the recipe.
http://www.fox45now.com/shared/news/features/morning/stories/wrgt vid 1595.shtml