Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking with Sheila and Rob

I was up way before dawn pulling together my Easy Tortilla Soup and the
ingredients for Aunt Marno's Rum Raisin Dessert. Lots to DO at 5:00 a.m.!
Ed and I drove to the Studios at WXIX Fox 19 in downtown Cincinnati.
It is hard to find as it is on the western "spur" of West 7th Street.
We did get there and I got all of the food together for my on-air
demonstration. I had to laugh, it was a lot like 4H Food judging
at the Warren County Fair when Allison was a 4Her and we had to get up
way before dawn to gather up all the things she would need for the
food judging event.Funny - it was MY turn!
I had one burner to heat on at the station- so I heated up the
soup ( I made at home).It was a big hit with everyone there who tried it.
Also the dessert- which we made without ice cream as it had melted in the
cooler! Oh well- that's show biz. I can tell you that Sheila Gray is
just as pretty and nice in person as she is "on tv", Rob is so friendly,
as is Bruce ( the traffic guy). Frank is just as adorable too off camera
as on.. and it's too bad they are into hard news as Sarah Celi and Megan
Mongelo have lovely smiles you almost never see as they give the serious
news stories! Trust me - they both DO smile!
It was a great day over at WXIX and I hope that sometime I will get to
go back. These are great folks and I had a great time!