Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Read it in the Enquirer !

April 28- Check out the Wed. FOOD Section in the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER..
CINCINNATI AND SOUP a review- by Polly Campbell- but no byline for this!!
My Hotel Sinton Spring Pea Salad recipe is featured.. which to my knowledge is
the first time it has ever been printed outside of my book.
This was given to me by a former Hotel Sinton employee who made this
salad for banquets at the hotel back in the 1960's.
Getting there:
If you are looking at all of this online- go to,
click the FOOD tab and then "Helpings".
I hope you will enjoy making this salad- it is great with
grilled chicken.

.. My neighbor, artist, Erin Beckloff is busy eating her tortellini
soup today.. she is making my cookbook in stages ala Julia and
Julie!! She is originally from Columbus although she has lived in
Cincinnati before. Erin is a big fan of the Blue Ribbon Tortellini
soup and so far she is really crazy about Mock Turtle Soup too.
I have fed her my soups for 2 winters now so she has had a real taste
of what is going IN to the cookbook.
Check out the salad in the Cincinnati Enquirer and enjoy !